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Bread Wrap by Bee’s Wrap®

Includes: 1 XL Bread Wrap (17" x 23")

Keep your bread fresh longer 

• Naturally breathable Bee's Wrap — the sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

• Made from 100% organic cotton and responsibly harvested beeswax.

• An organic solution to reducing plastic waste in the kitchen.

• Sized just right for keeping bread fresh on the counter, covering platters, casseroles and rising dough, and rolling out cookies, pie crust and other baked goods.

Wrap Care: Use the warmth of your hand to create a seal around food, bowls and pans. Bee's Wrap will hold it's shape when it cools, creating a breathable seal. Rinse your beeswax wrap in cool water with mild soap, then air dry. Reuse your Bee's Wrap for up to a year with regular use and proper care.

• Made with care in Vermont

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